What they usually ask?

Openning a Boutique

There’s a seller’s sign up button, probably somewhere on top. Click that thing, then just follow the procedures. After you submit all your brand informations, you will go through the curating process. If we have the same vision and mission, then you’re ready to go.

The most important criteria is that you don’t produce more than 20pcs/ article. Your brand can be selling any kind of fashion product, with any kind of style. But, they have to be unique; rare; and high on quality. For now, as we’re just starting up, we are focusing more on fresh graduate fashion designers; upcoming small brands; and artisanal brands.

The signing up process is only a matter of seconds. But the curating process will take upto 72 hrs. If then, you got accepted, your boutique will be activated right on.

You have your own storefront; secured payment gateway; shipping; also you can have your own return and refund policies.

You can read your whole benefits on this page (link)

Fees & Payments

The registration is free. But you will have to pay administration fee per transaction. Check out our terms & conditions here

You have to pay for the administration fee, that will be deducted from any successful transaction. Also, the shipping fee at first.

Through payment gateway, we are receiving payment via bank transfer; virtual account; qris; and gopay. We will only send you, your cash, after the customer has finished the order.

You are able to create your own refund policies, and we will follow through accordingly. Check out our terms and conditions about return & refund here

Shipping & Return

If you accidentally cancel your order, kindly contact our customer service to notify the merchant you brought from. You can also simply place a new order again.

If you have made a wrong purchase when you wanted to purchase something else, you can also notify customer service and we can do the refund process after you have fill in the refund form and place a new order. This will only be applicable if you notify us, the latest within 30 minutes of purchase.

We would notify you through email if your order has been cancelled if the item you ordered turns out to be out of stock. A refund would be processed straight away.

Your money will be refunded to your latest payment method and expect 2-5 working days.

You will be notified by customer service if there is a cancellation order coming from the customer, or if we have cancelled the order because you have not processed the order within 3 days. Customer will not be able to cancel their order if you have processed the order.

You are able to create your own return policies, and we will follow through accordingly. Check out our terms and conditions about return & refund here.