Why designer’s products are expensive?

Omaga why are all these products so expensive?? Do you wanna sell or nah?? – me or you lookin at this website.

But hold on, hold on, hold on! Hold on there one sec. I can explain. 

So, here’s the deal. There are some stereotypical thoughts of being a designer, means you’re already creative and skillfull.  But boi, nah, we’re not rainin on ideas. Even if there’s a saying of “ideas can come from everywhere”.  For me personally, we cannot take that for granted. Cause, most of the times, that simple quote is being misinterpreted as ideas are spreaded everywhere, and they are no longer valuable, unless they sound big or extraordinary. Something to remember is that behind every idea, no matter how small it is, there’s a story behind it. Whether it is a very simple ordinary one, or even an extraordinary one. 

Imagine having those ideas being put into a tangible product. How does one create a product that is not just picturing the ideas but also the stories behind. The development that has to be made from a story, into an idea, a concept, then choice of shapes; colors; patterns; materials; techniques; etc, then producing it. Imagine the amount of time, effort, and energy that one has to put on the process. To ensure, that the idea was executed perfectly, with great quality. Cause if the quality is bad, then it will be a missed. Especially if they’re all handled by the designer themselves. 

From my own experience as a designer, there’s always that high sense of belonging to keep the work i’ve done, to myself. Why? cause doing a project, is like raising a baby. It is from nothing to something. But then, if i chose to send it to the market, i gotta think about how to communicate this idea, the possibilities of it being accepted to the society, what media am i gonna use, etc. Those are where the other most consuming  time, effort, and energy go to.

If you’re lookin at it as just buying a product, then it’ll always be too expensive. But if you’re lookin at it as if you’re buying  a story, an idea, a concept, a technique, a quality, and all the things that made up as a piece of one personality, then imagine all the valuable things that you can’t count.

And oh! trust me, they got them dilemma too putting on prices.

Behind every idea, no matter how small it is, there’s a story behind it 

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